A short course using Animal Kinesiology to help you unlock the brave in your dog.

Does your dog find the world a scary place at times?

It can be heartbreaking to see your dog in a fearful state....

It may feel like nothing you do helps, and no matter how hard you try, it seems impossible to make them feel safe.

Whether you have a rescue dog who shows signs of trauma, or a dog who struggles to cope with a nervous disposition, finding a way to remove stress and build resilience allows them to live the best life possible.

An Introduction to this course.


This course teaches you the skills to identify the REAL reason behind your dog's anxiety.

Using Animal Kinesiology techniques, you will learn to tap into your dog's nervous system, unlock their unique story, and release unprocessed trauma, restoring emotional calm and balance.

This course also teaches you how to identify the ways your dog may be affected by your stress - and let's be honest, it can be stressful being on the look-out for anything that may trigger anxiety in your dog!

The steps in this course guides you through releasing these stress emotions, building resilience for you both.

Meet Your Instructor

Claire Forsyth, BSc (Hons), Specialist Animal Kinesiologist

Claire Forsyth is an Animal Behaviourist and Specialist Kinesiologist.  As the founder of Animal Energy Therapies, Claire has pioneered the field of Animal  Kinesiology over the last 10 years, and now works with clients and students from around the globe. 

As a behaviourist, Claire helped thousands of animals overcome problem behaviours through positive reinforcement and conditioning. Her results, although impressive, gained a huge leap forward when kinesiology techniques were introduced to the sessions, allowing the emotions of the owner and well as the animal to be released.

The techniques taught by Claire have been adapted, fine-tuned, and integrated into a unique approach that covers over 20 years of knowledge and experience in working with animals.

Claire’s mission is to bring this amazing modality to a wider audience in an accessible format, to impact the lives of as many animals as possible.


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What is Animal Kinesiology?

Animal Kinesiology is based on the principles of Energetic Kinesiology and has been adapted as a holistic and powerful emotional healing modality for animals.

Kinesiology combines western medicine neuroscience and physiology with energy medicine. The techniques involve balancing the energy systems in the body to release stress and restore emotional and physical wellbeing.

Muscle testing is used to access the nervous system and identify the impact of stress on the physical body.

Keiko, Jake & Hugo

"Just amazing! I learned so much about my energy and how it was affecting my dog mentally and physically. When I adopted a younger dog, my older dog, Jake, became aggressive and jealous. Animal Kinesiology identified all of the emotions that needed to be identified in all of us.

After just one session, they collapsed together and fell asleep. They are best buddies ever since.

I can't recommend highly enough!"

Leanne & Storm

"Claire helped me understand how my emotions were having a big impact on Storm's behaviour. I realised my unconscious blocked emotions were being mirrored back at me through her. As a rescue dog, Storm was anxious, especially when outside. Using the techniques we found that she was unsettled, not really sure of her role in the home, and that she felt obligated to look after us. This is exactly how I was feeling too! After using Animal Kinesiology I was feeling so much calmer, and Storm was noticeably less stressed and calmer." 

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